Team Alpeto (2020)
Personal Project. Book Illustration.
We made this book as a wedding gift to reflect the love story of two friends from the point of view of their cat.

Due to a lot of COVID rescheduling we needed to finish this in a very short time, while still looking nice so I found a simple style that worked well and could be produced fast.
Exploring Styles and Character Design Ideas
Thumbnails for the Book
The Final Result

Having an extremely quick turnaround with a nice looking result was made easier by leveraging the speed of procreate running on an iPad Pro
Final Sketches for Every Page
Final Rendering with shading, inking and colours
The power of the iPad Pro allowed me to work on finishing every illustration at the same time on a huge document. That made things way faster and much more coherent.
Samples from the final Printed Book
Thanks for watching!

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The real Toni posing for the book

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