Pippi Langstrumpf – Heldin in Strümpfen
Exhibition based on the world of Pippi Longstocking for the Spielzeugmuseum Salzburg

After a successful collaboration working on Alles Rollt, the Toy Museum of Salzburg contacted me again for a more ambitious project. An exhibition based on the world of Pippi Langstrumpf by Astrid Lindgren. One of the most popular and beloved children's characters in Austria.

Illustrations and background designs had to be made for different games and sections in the whole room
Herr Nilsson
Character Design

We decided to use Mr Nilsson, Pippi's monkey friend as a "guide" to follow children across the room and help explain the different games and activities.

Initial exploration of possible character designs.
Final Design and Colors for Mr Nilsson
The final version. In order to be printed in high quality, on a big size to be viewed from a close distance, everything was made in vectors and coloured using some high-resolution digital watercolour brushes.

A version of Pippi herself, that reminded the visitors of the different renditions made on books, animation and live action films while still being unique and different had to be made as well.

As a decoration for the inside of Villa Kunterbunt (Pippi's house) some portraits of her family were made mixing the style of the project with classic oil paintings.

Big and small backgrounds were designed for some sections of the room.

The small ones were printed as wallpapers while the big ones ended being used as creative direction and remade as hand painted murals by a local artist.
Photos by wir sind artisten
And a whole lot more!
This was a big long project filled with details everywhere, here are a few more selected images
Thanks for making it all the way till the end. I hope you enjoyed it :)

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